“Advertising man Don Hutcheson has woven a compelling narrative”

Alfred W. Brown  Atlanta, GA  (November 26, 2011)

In the novel Out of Fear, author, ad guru and entrepreneur Don Hutcheson has woven a compelling narrative that will appeal to every person who has possessed something they prized, lost it, and as a result of a transformational personal experience won it – and more – back. Hutcheson’s taut prose is as driven as his hero, young Will Stallworth. a complicated creative, advertising genius whose confident exterior is eroded bit by bit by a combination of his sensitive nature and the cold-blooded competitive environment in which he works. Anyone drawn to the mystique of the advertising business or is a fan of Mad Men will be fascinated by this insider’s view of the way the business works – and doesn’t work. Ad agency pros – male and female – will identify with Will and a sexy, look-out-for-number-one cast of characters.

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