“Because fear is the centerpiece of all our lives”

Azura Lauren   Seattle, WA  (May 2012)

The protagonist of this novel, Will Stallworth, lives his life in fear: fear of his inadequacies, fear of intimacy, fear of his past and even greater fear about what is coming up in his future. Because fear is the centerpiece of all our lives, to a greater or lesser extent, it was easy for me to relate to this character and to other characters in this elegantly crafted novel. Because the author writes in first-person, I was pulled into the story from the first paragraph, and identified with Will and his life challenges. Out of Fear is a novel of hope and redemption, a timeless story that inspires me to go deeper into my own darkness and keeps me searching for the courage to be true to myself, to live my life without fear. I look forward to author Don Hutcheson’s second novel.

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