“I put this book down a half dozen times”

Lydia Wells  Atlanta, GA   April 27, 2011

The immediate, first-person style intrigued me from the first page but I didn’t think I was going to be able to get past Will Stallworth’s crude language. Nor did Wills proclivity to inject sex into every possible situation, in the first half of the book anyway, give me good feelings as I started reading. I put the book down a half dozen times, not knowing whether I would pick it up again. But something told me to stay, something said there was more here that I would be rewarded for hanging in.

There was indeed more and I was rewarded. Richly. The author shows deep insight into the human condition, and his characters are intricate and engaging. In the end, I enjoyed following Will Stallworth’s journey from lost to almost found. A good read.

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